• Eco-Glamping on the Gallatin River

  • Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.

    —Frank Lloyd Wright

  • Whether watching the river drift by or rafting down the canyon, get in touch with the excitement, relaxation and stewardship of RiverBend. Join us working to ensure future generations have the opportunity to feel the same connection and enjoyment we experience today.

  • “Eco” is more than a word to us. We’re humbled to steward a small part of the Gallatin River, and we’re committed to having minimal impact on the river and all of our natural surroundings.

  • We call our mission, Connect and Protect, to constantly remind us how integral we are to the health of the river and forest. We want our guests to know that every year they return, very little will have changed because we’re all working on stewarding the river and land together.

    A work in progress.

  • Contact Us

    475 Gateway South Road Gallatin Gateway, Montana